Website Design

Take off the cloak. Let the world see you.

At the age of the internet and net neutrality, get your space online. Create your web page; get your own logo and showcase everything you've ever wanted to, designed and written exactly the way you have wanted to. Mark your footprints!

Logo Design

Logo Design for Website - 75,000
Logo Design for Print - 150,000
Logo for Website & Print - 150,000

Print for Stationery: Letter Head, Envelope, Business Card, ID Card

Website Design

Logo Design - 75,000
Website Design - 150,000
Logo & Website - 150,000

Responsive Website Design
Optimized for all Display Devices: Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablets, TV

Content Writing (Copy Writing)

Content (Copy) for Social Media - Rs.60,000
Content (Copy) for Website - 125,000
Social and Website -125,000

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