Master Enterprise Inventory

Sales and Distribution

Manage all important inventory functions efficiently with
our products for forecasting, planning, stocking
Earn big on time, money and customer delight

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Assortment Planning

Get the most out of the planning process by incorporating channel-by-channel metrics, attributes, configurations, and methods.

Demand Forecasting

Streamline complex forecasting and pull data about different scenarios and location-product-forecasting model combinations.

Financial Planning

Track performance, fine-tune forecasts, and review assumptions on a continuous basis. Want to make better connections with your customers? Then connect with Accuversa today.

Item Planning

Predict and plan performance on an item-by-item basis across all levels of the merchandise hierarchy.

Omni-Channel Planning

Track each channel and integrate planning for online, shop and catalogue operations, consolidating tasks and processes.

PO Flow Management

Reallocate items from suppliers on a dynamic basis, to respond to changing store inventory needs.


R e p l e n i s h m e n t

Use forecasting to understand inventory needs through seasonal and daily profiling.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Suppliers enjoy access to inventory data to manage shipments and ensure timely stock replenishment.

The right Support

D One SD will take your inventory management to the next level.

The inventory software specialists at Accuversa will work with you to customize your suite to your org-specific needs. All our products are open architecture, hybrid cloud, which gives you greater flexibility and agility in carrying out your operations.

To see how D One SD can transform your enterprise inventory needs, request a demo today.