Move with the world

Mobility Solutions

Today, the world is your workplace. D One's hybrid cloud, open architecture mobile solutions will allow you to access your work and fun anywhere, anytime.

Efficient on the go

Get your key applications and solutions on employee devices, and work without interruption. Communicate and collaborate with colleagues without compromise on speed. D One's intuitive Mobile solutions will offer you the full functionalities and features available on your static devices and large screens.

App it up

Partner with our team of developers, designers and strategists to create apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, iOS, Blackberry, focusing on optimal user experience to drive brand loyalty. They are designed to work across multiple platforms, and yet create a unique experience on each device.


Secure Solutions

D One Mobility Solutions will focus on giving you anytime, anywhere comfort backed by security for all your transactions.
D One Mobile Solutions will give you the freedom and convenience to push new boundaries in your business. To know more about how you can use mobile solutions effectively, ask for a demo today.