Operate smarter. Work seamlessly.

Internet of Things

Accuversa is leading cutting edge research into leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) for greater efficiency, ease and cost-effectiveness in a variety of applications. By reducing human effort for mechanical tasks, D One Integrator, our IoT solution, allows you to focus on generating the big ideas that drive excellence.

Automate. Save. Excel.

Using sensors, software and electronics, the D One Integrator IoT services allow you to explore a variety of applications in fields such as healthcare, energy services and so on. IoT uses devices to connect, communicate and operate in tandem in a vast, responsive, network. Through this level of automation, you can change the way you operate, and provide your customers with enhanced services. Because commands are automated and instant, the D One Integrator saves labour and money.

Data that Serves You

With devices talking to each other, you'll have instant access to a wealth of data. The D One Integrator will help you process and analyse the data to forecast and streamline your operations. It will change the way you work - the data gathered can be used to operate smart thermostat and other applications that work with pre-set responses.

The smarter way to operate

The D One Integrator can help you operate smarter, whatever your specific requirement. It can track energy systems at homes and in workplaces; enhance healthcare diagnostics, research and care; improve efficiency in large production units; monitor inventory; link billing of utilities with precise usage patterns, and much more.

The better way to live

Our clients have used the D One Integrator successfully to monitor and control their energy usage at home, to evaluate indoor air quality and so on.