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    Bring your family closer

    Understand your shared history, Speak up and feel the love,Keep the conversation going

    D One Social Family

D One Social - Family Tree

Your family is scattered all over the world, but staying in touch is as easy as logging in. Accuversa's D One Hybrid Cloud Social Family Tree helps you connect with your family, trace your roots and keep up with everything that's happening.

Understand your shared History

Remember those long ago days when you sat at your grandmother's feet and heard tales of your ancestors and days gone by? Those times are past, but you can connect easily to your roots, trace your ancestry, fill in the missing links and make sure your children and future generations truly understand their rich heritage.


Find the roots & veins
Learn where we came from and how we are connected


It is a beautiful feeling!

It is certainly not nostalgia but that feeling & remembrance of friendship, caring and proud, finding the roots and blood near and far.

Keep the conversation going

Catching up with cousins on vacations, at family weddings, births - now enjoy that feeling every day. Accuversa's Social Family provides an interface - a virtual drawing room - where you can hang out with your clan and exchange news, views and information. Now, your nosy aunties can no longer complain that they were left out of some important news!

New born announcements
Achievements and awards
Birthdays and upcoming birthdays
Wedding Anniversaries
Death Anniversaries
Know your relative

Who is where?

Everyone is in loop

No one can miss important news.

Keep in touch!

Articles & Announcements
Dining Table ( Discussion)
Articles by family members
Family Announcements
News & Other topics to read

When ?

* Need to know: option to share restricted information as per team


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