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The Creative Intelligence team at Accuversa is leading research into cognitive computing to make sense of big data and analytics, to convert this knowledge into real value for you. By providing you with insights, facts and figures, technology partners with you in decision making.

cognitive computing

Creative Intelligence

Creative intelligence uses cognitive computing to carry out collection of data from IoT, drawing from the random and disorganized blocks of data and harnesses text, videos, images, symbols and natural language to evaluate and predict.

Accuversa will help you leverage cognitive computing to save costs, time and human effort.

It's like having an exceptionally intelligent personal assistant doing the hard work and providing the research and concepts thathelp you innovate. Simplifying your complex data and helping you operate smarter and be more productive.

How you can use Accuversa's Creative Intelligence

» If you're an educator, you can streamline your education system, and harness the large quantity of knowledge available.
» If you're a medical professional or run a hospital, we'll help you use cognitive computing to deliver better patient care, faster and more accurate diagnosis.
» If you're an FMCG or a new startup, cognitive computing can be deployed to tweak and improve your product design based on real customer and market needs.
» For the retail sector, cognitive computing will help you make decisions regarding product, marketing and sales plans more effectively.
» With all the important data decoded for you, your manufacturing unit, law firm, engineering company or can make difficult decisions easily, in minimum time.
Formulate creative solutions and problem solving & Automate tasks like tabulation
» Study climate, crop patterns, soil and other data to help maximize yield in agriculture
» Conduct geophysical research to investigate elusive information about the Earth's unseen subterranean layers and core - to discover natural resources like water, fuel, mineral and natural gas.
Help predict earthquakes by understanding seismic activity.

The Creative Intelligence researchers at Accuversa would be delighted to help you harness the power of cognitive computing.
Get in touch with us to know how we can help you create value.